Hello Dear Parader! 

These listing renew on a monthly basis and the sticker changes it's theme each month, you will have to manually purchase your tier every month if you like to continue to receive these rewards

$6 Coordinator Tier 

  • Non-Physical Reward
  • Access to Secret Store
  • Monthly updates, in depth look into upcoming projects, timelines and in depth videos on my process and behind the scenes merch making.
  • Early access to preorders and store updates on my normal serendipity parade shop
  • 15% off purchase code delivered every month via email
    (please make sure to subscribe to the newsletter~)

$13 Join the Parade ♥ Sticker Club Tier 

  • Prior Benefits 
  • 1 monthly themed postcard print 
  • 1-3 lovely stickers~

$16 Join the Parade ♥ Sticker Club Tier (INTERNATIONAL)

  • Prior Benefits 
  • 1 monthly themed postcard print 
  • 1-3 lovely stickers~

Things to remember:

This monthly club features a secret shop within in my store that is password safe, by purchasing one of these tiers you'll be given the password f every month, where you can expect to find exclusive preorders that will not be available in my normal shop and other instock items. 

--Shop Update Early access opens 24hrs prior to the general public; you will be sent a code 1 hour before the drop please be sure you are checking your email so you can gain access.

--Parade Mail Listing will be announced via social media and email when it is closed prior to the  Early Access Shop update/General Sale; I need to prepare my site, and I always shut down my shop before doing so, so I will announce when it is your last chance to gain early access before hiding this listing. 

---this is also to protect you the supporter, so your early access is not overwhelming or seems unfair if you've been a long time member. 

--any pins up for preorder in the parade shop follows all previously stated disclaimers; please allow time for me to send your orders out as I balance running a shop and this monthly service. 

**Discord Coming soon**

Any Questions please Email :