♥ Terms And Conditions ♥

If you decided to make a purchase that is a PREORDER please read the terms and Conditions below. If you're purchase does not have a PREORDER item you may click off this page, these terms do not apply to your check out. 

***By placing this preorder you are making the CONSCIOUS DECISION to wait for the preorders to close, pins to be approved produced and shipped out. This can take up to 10-12+ weeks, please keep this in mind before committing to the preorder. You will NOT be refunded during the production stage of the preorder once your order is placed.

Unless there is a serious error or flaw with your order ALL SALES ARE FINAL-- I can not be held responsible for what happens to your mail after it leaves my office However if there is a noticeable concern with your order please contact me at serendipityparade.orderissues@gmail.com and will can find a solution together. 

If you'd like a more detailed description of preorders and how preorders work please refer to my FAQ page. 

If you fail to comply with these terms, or you break these conditions by placing a dispute against me during the preorder process, you will be blacklisted from my preorder site and barred from participating in any preorders in the future. 


Hi, I am one person :) One single person handling alot all on my own and while I'm proud of what I've been able to accomplished and grateful for the support and love, please understand your items will not always ship next day. 

IF YOU PARTICIPATE IN A SHOP UPDATE PLEASE BE AWARE YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE YOUR ITEM FOR 7-10 DAYS POST UPDATE. I go as fast as I can to send out your items, correctly, so please bear with me. 

When I post happy folk photos in my instagram story, its to give solace knowing ppl are in fact receiving their items, it does u have not gotten your order after 4 weeks since I announce the update please email me at serendipityparade.orderissues@gmail.com

If there is a mistake in your order, I have no problem helping to resolve the issue to make sure you get the item you want. Human Err is a likelihood so please be patient with me while returning emails, DMs, ect. 

Thank you for your understanding, good luck!