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Frequently Asked Questions

For Preorder Pin Production Updates please visit my update spreadsheet here.

“Who’s your bias?” 
♥ Park Jimin. ♥


Yes eventually, I want to put a little distance between those older designs and create new art I hope you can still support and like, I WILL restock the series just not now.

"How can I order the JIMIN MMA Pin??"

Please go to my instagram and read all updates concerning that pin. 

“Oh shoot! The preorder sold out/I missed the preorder!! Will you restock again?“ 

I get this question a lot.

A preorder funds the item’s production. Once the item is funded I will be able to actually STOCK the itemSo yes; preorder items will ALWAYS return to the store once I physically receive them. 

“What the HECK is a preorder?”

A preorder is exactly what it sounds like, an initial order of an item that helps FUND the full production of a product! You’ve probably at some point have participated in a preorder in some way shape or form from a major company (esp if you’re here, yo I know you’ve preorder them BTS ALBUMS). Maybe for a pair of shoes, makeup, dvd, cd–the list goes on! 

Preorders are limited in availability and are at a slightly lower cost. 

By helping with purchasing a preorder you’re helping bring a concept or idea into reality. 

“How do they work?
At it’s core a preorder works just like a normal order. In some cases (not all) stores provide limited edition items or freebies to the preorder as an incentive to the buyer. You’ll go to the store/site/listing that is provided and make a purchase as you normally would-- 
HOWEVER– a preorder is not an immediate thing. Once you place a preorder you are making a CONSCIOUS DECISION to wait for the item to actually be made before receiving it. 

Sometimes production can take a month or more before even being shipped to me; depending on the complexity of the item, issues arising, miscommunication (poor manufacturers in general), or simply just making sure its being done the right way to escape redos.

Then of course is the waiting game for a small shop (me) to quality check, package and ship it out to you, which could be another week depending on the volume of orders. 

A preorder can take up to 12+ weeks; it usually takes me 1-2 weeks to send out orders depending on order volume, it’s only me so please be patient~<3 

Please, if you are not able wait to during that timeline, please refrain from participating in the preorder and instead wait for the item to be listed at a later date.

You can read in full detail the terms and conditions here

“Why are preorders important (and why should I care)??
Preorders are so important for small shop owners like me. By helping fund a preorder you are fueling my store, keeping myself and passion alive! I’ll be able to make new and exciting items that you and everyone can share and enjoy!

Pin Making is extremely expensive, by releasing a preorder you're ensuring that my designs come to fruition and you and others can reap the benefits of having my art in it's tangible form. 

“Waaah the preorder ran out!!! Why don’t you list more slots!” 
Preorders fund the product to be put into production, I only list as many slots as I need to fully fund the product. Of course, if the number seems too low I’ll extend the amount so people can take advantage of the cheaper prices but I don’t take more than I need. More items will be put in stock upon arrival.

“I preordered this thing and now I don’t want it :T Can I get my money back” 
I will NOT refund your preorder after it has been sent off to production. All preorders have an end date, even if the item sells out I keep that end date there to keep track of GOs. If you want to cancel your preorder you MUST DO IT BEFORE THIS DATE! I can’t refund you money I don’t have, ALL FUNDS FOR PREORDERS GO INTO MAKING THE PRODUCT AND ANY SHIPPING COST NEEDED. 

“Wait what the HECK is a GO???”
A GO is a “Group Order”, a form where international buyers can place an order together through a GOM (Group Order Manager) to save on shipping expenses! The more people who participate in GOs the cheaper the cost will be, so be sure to spread the word!

If you commit to a GO you will be guaranteed your Standard level items requested – HOWEVER—you will be waiting a longer time span than going directly through my store. Once I send the items to the your designated GOM they are responsible and will take care of actually shipping your item to your address. I am not at fault for what happens to your items after it leaves my office. 

Please check the list of GOMs to see if your country is listed. If you know a GOM that is not listed below and want to open a GO for the item, please email me and I will see if they are interested. 

  1. RUSSIA -mamamorakkano | TWT
    Chrisianminmin | INSTA

    **More will be added--if you'd like to be added to this list please let me know**
“Can I open a GO I’m from USA/ I want to participate in a GO I’m from USA/ WHY ISN'T THERE A USA GO?” 
If you are from the USA, then you are a domestic buyer because I’m from the USA. Your shipping cost are already cut down. GOs are to help international buyers cut down on cost. 

“I want to cancel my order, it’s not a preorder…is that okay?”
Of course! If you want to cancel your order, please email me and we can discuss the issue. 

“I want to change my address / My item came damaged/where is---”
If you have any questions pertaining to the actual nature of the item PLEASE EMAIL ME. I will not respond to questions in my DMs. It’s too hard to keep track of, also I don’t know who you are by your screen name alone.


“I never got my package—I want a refund”

If your item is lost in the mail, I’m sorry but in most cases I can’t send you a new item (because I don’t have the stock) nor can I refund you, because I'm too small of a store. I can’t be placed at fault for what happens to your mail when it leaves my house. All orders come with a tracking number, if you have issue with your package please call your post office and inquire there. 

“Are you open for commission???” 

“Can I combine my order?” 
Yes of course! You can request COMBINE and HOLD order request here! 

“How much is shipping” 
USA 4.50 | INTL 11.25



“Do you ship internationally?”

“Hey, my order didn’t come with free stuff what gives!” 
Some of my preorder items do have exclusive preorder goods, in my case, it’s probably a print but not all the time. I do not personally give out free stuff, such as candy, photo cards, your bias pictures, ect in normal orders. If you preordered something and it was guaranteed a free print please email me and I will send you a new one. 

“BTS BTS BTS BTS!!! UGH! Will you make other group pins????” 
As of right now, no. Haha I enjoy other groups but I STAN BTS. If there’s a song or a group that really jumps at me then I will definitely go outside of my BTS hobby hole. 

I'm thinking about making some TXT pins or Anime pins in the future.

 I like making stuff I’m passionate about, and BTS have their fist up my butt so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you still have questions that was not answered here please email me at 
serendipityparade.13@gmail.com and I will answer to the best of my ability.

If you ask a question that is already answered in the FAQ I will refer you here, sorry. Thank you so much! ♥