Mystery Bags | Standard & B Grades

Mystery Bags | Standard & B Grades

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Do you fancy chance? Wanna start collecting but have no clue where to start? 
Have at these mystery bags now available in limited stock! 

You'll be give a random assortment of 3-5 pins buttons and charms I have here in stock, I've been creating for 2 years, almost everything on my instagram is basically fair game! 

DNA series, Muster Heads, Bangtan Heads Jimin heart charm ect it could be anything! 

Standard Bags $40
B Grade Bags $25 each  

**If you are buying this item international please be aware of the tariffs/taxes in your countries customs, I can not protect you nor will I change the declaration**

Unless there is a serious error or flaw with your order ALL SALES ARE FINAL-- I can not be held responsible for what happens to your mail after it leaves my office.

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